Stop complaining and start manifesting

Sending you a little dose of tough love with this one. 

We all have moments when we feel stuck or frustrated. But how we respond in those moments can mean the difference between wallowing in negativity or shifting into a higher vibration of positivity. 

So I’m going to give you something to think about. 

When you find yourself having negative thoughts, just pause. 

Notice what is happening, take a breath, and reframe that thought into something positive. Like this:

🔹 Instead of “I have to…” say “I get to…”

🔹 Instead of “I don’t know how…” say “I’m excited to learn…”

🔹 Instead of “Nobody appreciates me…” say “I am so grateful for…”

Our thoughts and beliefs shape our reality, so focus on what you want more of in life and trust that it will happen ❤️