Glued to the couch this winter?

Struggling to get off the couch or out of that cozy bed when it’s so cold and dark outside?  Time to think outside the box.  Try adding in one of these activities to stay moving through the winter months: 🏓 Grab some friends and head to indoor pickleball court.  🧗 Drop in on a beginner’s…
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Benefits of Healthy Sleep

More than ⅓ of adults in the US don’t get enough sleep, and it could be bad for the waistline. 📒 New research from Mayo Clinic shows that a lack of sleep combined with free access to food leads to higher calorie consumption and increased belly fat.  In the study, participants were allowed either 9…
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How Gut Health Affects Mood

Can your diet change your mood? And does your gut health have anything to do with it? Here is a fascinating new study that helps us better understand what we are starting to call the microbiota-gut-brain axis. Researchers analyzed the diets and moods of people in 3 study groups (including people with mild depression). Here’s…
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Cranberries support brain health and memory

🧠 New research shows cranberries could be a powerful way to protect brain health and memory as we age!! As the brain ages, cumulative influences of oxidative stress and inflammation can worsen a person’s risk for cognitive decline or even dementia.  But foods that are rich in flavonoids like anthocyanins and proanthocyanidins can provide antioxidant…
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Hidden root causes of allergies

Seasonal allergies happen when the immune system reacts to a substance that should otherwise be harmless.  It’s like an immune response gone rogue. What happens next is the release of histamine—a tiny chemical messenger that leads to a cascade of inflammation and annoyances like itching and sneezing.  (note that we are discussing mild seasonal allergies…
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5 Impressive Benefits of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is easily taken for granted—just a common vitamin we consume in almost all fruits and vegetables. But vitamin C is AMAZING, and the reality is that we could not survive without it.  Let’s look at 5 impressive benefits of vitamin C (and who might need a little extra): 1️⃣ Beauty Vitamin C supports…
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It’s Time for Balanced Living

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